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Space Grill new pricing, now just $995.

Hello grillers!

Over the years we have been flat out with sales, events, TV shows, news articles and most importantly development of our systems and the grill itself. One of our major goals has been to bring you the Space Grill as cheaply as possible whilst still using high-quality materials and production methods, and we have finally hit a major milestone. So that said, we have some great news!

The Space Grill is now available at $995. Nope, this is not a special, this is our forever price as of today!


Here's what’s made it possible!

As the demand for the Space Grill has grown, we’ve been able to produce more units more regularly which has brought the cost of manufacturing down. We are now passing this saving onto our customers.


New international markets!

As more countries start to stock this great Aussie bbq we are able to become more competitive on price. As a brand, Space Grill is now able to take on the big guns in the bbq industry.


Thanks, The Space Grill Team.

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