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The Space Grill works very well. Very happy with it.

Best BBQ Ever!

Looks great!
Well built!
Easy Install!

Just what I wanted

I wanted a small, powerful bbq that could sear a steak well. This is exactly that! Very well made and made to last. Very happy! It’s cooking area is larger than I expected. Very easy to use.

Very pleased with our new BBQ. My only suggestion would be to include clearer instructions on unpacking. It wasn’t readily apparent that the drip tray had to be removed to fully open the BBQ. A quick phone call rectified the situation. Otherwise, Delighted with all aspects of the BBQ.


Very quick and professional… it was all done in 10-15 min 10+


The Perfect Pair!

The Perfect Pair!

Authored By Space Grill

There’s nothing more satisfying than the perfect food & drink pair... But sometimes it’s so hard to know what to choose!

That’s why we decided to help and create an easy 6 pair list for your next get together around the grill!

  1. Red Meat - Cab Sav or Merlot go extremely well with red meats, bringing out the different aromas and complementing each other’s flavours in a way ever so delicately.


  1. Prawns - Although you can’t really go wrong with grilled prawns, the perfect taste ratio prawns go hand in hand with a nice sparkling wine or a crisp cold beer!

  1. Chicken - Depending whether you have used lime or lemon in your marinade, accompanying chicken with mojito’s is always a flavoursome party starter! If you’re not a cocktail fan, Chardonnay is always a brilliant pair!

  1. Grilled Fish - Fish goes well with anything. Beers, cocktails, wine etc. But the best companion for grilled fish is a cold Pinot Grigio!

  1. Pork - An icey cold beer or cider! Everyone’s favourite combo!

  1. Mushrooms & Vegetables - Vegetarian dishes can be hard to pair! If you are basing your meal around mushrooms, you can’t go wrong with Pinot Noir! If you’re grilling a mix of veggies - Merlot always brings flavour!

What are some of your favourite flavour combos?
Enjoy Grillers!


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