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I didn’t receive a free cover or mat.
I believe that I paid for the cover and didn’t get a mat.

Brilliant piece of engineering and design

Love how easy it is to set up and start. With the grill mat it is very simple to clean, simply wipe down with a paper towel afterwards. It’s so good I use it several times a week.

So compact and easy to clean

We are a family of four, this is definitely big enough to cook for all of us and the clean up process was so easy the plates just wipe down clean

Best BBQ

Brilliant design and simple to use. Cleaning is super easy. Should have purchased years ago.


We love the Space Grill as do everyone who sees it. Tucks away yet good heat level, versatile, quick, well made no plastic and cleans easily

wholesale partners

At Space Grill we’re taking our brand to the world.

We work with all kinds of businesses from all kinds of industries to take our amazing BBQ to those that matter most; our customers. In an era where most companies are cutting costs and reducing quality; we’ve made it our promise to pack as much quality in every box as we possibly can. This commitment to quality gives our partners the assurance that what they are offering their clients is far superior than anything else on the market. We partner with everyone from boutique stores to the world’s best brands. 

Following are some examples of the relationships we have with our partners:


We work with those that have established clientele within our target market to leverage their existing relationships to offer our products. 

We provide our resellers with wholesale pricing to ensure they have the margin required to make our offering profitable.


We educate our database of architects and interior designers on our products to ensure that the building and development community know about what our product can offer. 

Space Grill is specified on more and more plans each day. 


Every day we are contacted by Australia’s biggest developers and builders to source our products in large quantities for their projects. 

We offer developers a margin commensurate with what they expect to receive on projects of varying sizes.


Incentive partners are brands that want to GIVE AWAY our product as part of their promotions. Here we work with partners to offer our products at heavily discounted prices in line with the amount of publicity our brand will receive in return. 

We get behind brands that get behind us!


For those companies that already have relationships with retailers, we offer our products with a distribution margin to allow us to leverage existing networks of retailers. 

Drop us a line!

Australia is setting the standard of what to expect from your BBQ. Work with us to help SPACE GRILL get our message to the world.

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