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Love my Space Grill

Perfect Bbq for small courtyard or balcony. Great power output and very easy to foldaway. Excellent product.

Side Table

Having side table on both sides of the space grill completes the setup

Great Bbq

Love my new Space Grill. Not only does it look fantastic. The grill also has great heat output.
Very happy with my purchase. Would recommend. Rod

Alan Johnson, Sydney.

Just amazing! Have a small courtyard with limited space so wanted something that was compact and not looking as though the whole courtyard was overpowered by a B.B.Q. Have the natural gas version, heats up extremely quick and quite powerful when 3 burners are all on. Love that it folds down and looks quite small in size, had to buy the stand as well, as I have no large wall spaces due to lots of glass, it is perfect and a great accessory to have if you have no walls to attach it or are a renter. Have had many B.B.Q.s over the years and this is the best ever for looks, size and power. Have already convinced friends who are about to buy a new B.B.Q. to get the Space Grill. A great buy!

The Space Grill has been a great BBQ!

I bought the grill in 2016. it's been on my balcony for 2 years and it looks basically brand new. Great engineering!


5 Simple ways to clean your BBQ using household items!

5 Simple ways to clean your BBQ using household items!

Authored By Space Grill

It’s Sizzle Season! Time for spring cleaning. Here's our list of our favourite household items to clean your grill!

Every year we have the same struggles, “How on earth will we clean this off of the BBQ?!” We’re stuck looking around the house for some Grade-A BBQ cleaner (Which we can never locate) So here we are, with metal BBQ tongs, scraping away the shame of last years gathering for what seems like hours! We would have better luck building a new BBQ from scratch. 

This year, We wanted something different. We wanted to have all the fun without the hard work that comes with it. So we went out and found 5 household items you can use to clean your grill.

Have a look at our list and tell us what YOU use to clean your grill at home!

  1. White Vinegar - Pour white vinegar onto your grill and wipe off.
  2. Bicarb Soda & Lemon Juice - Add 1 Tbl Spoon lemon juice & 1 Tbl spoon Bicarb into a spray bottle. Spray over grill and remove with news paper.
  3. Aluminium Foil - Pretty straight forward, Roll aluminium foil into a ball and scrape across your grill to remove grease & fats.
  4. BEER! - Our favourite! On & off the grill. Literally just pour half a beer over your grill and wipe off. Magic!
  5. Onions - Weird, we know. All you have to do, is cut an onion in half. Wipe across your grill and Taa-daa! Clean.

           Enjoy Grillers!


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